Oral presentations

Presentations are scheduled for plenary lecturers, invited lecturers and regular participants, as following: 40 minutes for plenary talks, 40 minutes for invited talks, and 20 minutes for regular talks, including the time for discussion (5 minutes).

A PC will be available for your presentation.

Your presentation should be uploaded at least 15 minutes before the session starts. Please upload your presentation on the PC, using a USB memory key.

Presenters should arrive in the meeting room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session and should inform the chairperson.

Handouts of your presentation are not provided by the conference bureau.

Poster presentation

Presenters at the poster sessions shall bring their own printed posters. It is not possible to print a poster on site.

Authors are strongly encouraged to produce a proper poster rather than using multiple sheets of A4 paper.

Posters can be hung up on the day of your Poster Session. As we have multiple poster sessions, poster presenters are requested to remove their poster before the end of the day.

The area of the poster panel fits up to A0 format.

Poster numbers (according to the conference program) will be disposed on the wall panels.

Presenters shall be available at the poster session near their poster for the duration of the session in order to answer to the conference participants questions.